“I want to expand my business, which markets can I tap? / I want to start something on my own. I know the products can work, but how can I practically gauge that?”

We, as consultants, hear this a lot more often than one can imagine. The next step to…

The USA has enjoyed global dominance for over half a century now. But how did it get to the top?

The USA hegemony exists primarily due to its economic activity and if I had to drill down a singular factor for its economic activity, it is ‘INNOVATION’.

Below is a…

‘NUMBERS! You handle the numbers, I’ll do the business’

This is quite a common quote that we hear. Whenever we discuss the prospect of undertaking a business planning exercise with our clients, they feel that we might interrogate them and talk about crunching numbers, absolute profit and loss et al…

Jimit Soni

Jimit is a finance professional with keen interest in business advisory and transformation. He is also an avid Basketball lover and an amateur cyclist

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